Growing up in New York City, Samara fell in love with the theatre. She was fortunate enough to see many groundbreaking, award-winning, and influential plays, which shaped her views and values. She knew at a young age she would have a life and career involving theatre. She is a veteran theatrical literary agent known for her ardent support of female-identifying, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ playwrights and an equally steadfast commitment to ensuring artistic institution equity and accountability. This mission has won her clients and their work a range of honors, from the Steinberg Award and the TCG Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award to the Primus Prize and the Lorraine Hansberry Award, and productions on the New York on- and off-Broadway, and London West End and off-West End stages, as well as regionally, including NNPN Rolling World Premieres. 
Samara believes fervently in plays that give voice to those who most profoundly need to be heard and plays that amplify the universality of experiences that might at first glance seem isolated to a specific individual, setting, or time period. These are the stories that Samara advocates for because they have the power to educate and transform.
Hallmarks of Samara’s professional, relationship-driven approach: Innovative, values-driven, proven client-promotion strategies such as theatre-maker advocacy coalitions that leverage their collective power to amplify her clients and their work; a longstanding focus on contract inclusion provisions that ensure safe, authentic representation and production of each artist and their work; an equally joyful and mindful dedication to doing deep dramaturgical work on structure, theme, and narrative; and a genuinely holistic nurturing of her clients and their work.